Healthinfo Goes Mobile

A mobile-friendly version of HealthInfo is now live making it even easier and more convenient to access health information wherever you go.

If you go to the normal HealthInfo website on a mobile device, you will automatically be redirected to the mobile-friendly version.

The mobile-friendly HealthInfo has a layout and features that make it easier to use on mobile devices.     how-to-add-HealthInfo-to-your-home-screen

Healthinfo App flyer Aug 2017

Alcohol – Eight facts


A guide to standard drinks |

A guide to standard drinks

One standard drink in New Zealand contains 10 grams of pure alcohol.

All bottles, cans and casks of alcoholic drinks have to be labelled with how many standard drinks they contain. Looking at labels and counting standard drinks is a reliable way of knowing and controlling how much alcohol you are drinking.

The number of standard drinks in different alcoholic drinks varies. It depends on the size of the container and the amount of alcohol it contains.



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