Acute Demand Service Co-ordination

  • acute medical care packages
  • acute nursing services
  • provides alternative to hospital care for certain acute conditions


  • access to the Before School Check programme for children aged 4yrs

Chronic Packages of Care (CPOC)

  • tailored care packages specific to individual’s needs
  • subsidised nurse/doctor appointments for health education and care of chronic long term conditions

Diabetes Care Improvement Packages

  • individualised careplans for those diagnosed with diabetes (Type 1 or 2)

Discretionary Funding

  • enables purchase of health-related services to those on low income


  • available for children and adults

Interpreting Services

  • on-call translation service for NZ residents who do not speak English
  • in-person translation service for NZ residents who do not speak English or are hearing impaired

Low Cost Access to Contraception & Long Acting Reversible Contraception

  • provide people with support so that they can make a decision about their fertility and when to have children.

Māori Health Initiatives

  • We are continually developing new ways to meet the specific needs of our Māori Population

Mental Health

  • Brief Intervention Co-ordination (BIC) – provide services for people with mental health concerns using a stepped care approach
  • Extended GP consultations – allow GPs to offer extended time with people to address mental health concerns
  • Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) - work with people to achieve goals by providing support and follow up for issues related to mental health

Mobile Practice Nurse

  • mobile practice nurse service for people who experience barriers to accessing health care and who meet specific eligibility criteria

End of Life

  • to support the GP team to deliver end of life care

Pharmacist services

  • aims to provide integrated pharmacist services by having onsite/near site pharmacists working collaboratively with Christchurch PHO GP practices


  • up to 4 free appointments per year for people with diabetes who have high risk feet
  • up to 3 free appointments per year for people without diabetes who have high risk feet

Refugee Services

  • funding is available to all General Practices enrolling former refugees recently resettled in New Zealand to support their access to primary health care

Rheumatic Fever

  • care available for people with a diagnosis of Rheumatic Fever
  • free monthly injections and up to 4 free GP consults per year from the date of the first visit

Smoking Cessation Programme

  • support for people who want to become smokefree

Social Worker

  • a community based social worker can assist people to navigate their way around health and social services

Youth Sexual Health

  • free consultations for young people aged 14 - 17 year olds
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