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Well Man, Well Woman Free to over 45’s

If you’re 45 or over and haven’t seen your GP in the last 3 years, it's free to have a health check.

Some people may be eligible from 35 years.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to take control of your health and make sure you stay fit and well in the years ahead.


Health checks don’t take long and have proved to be highly effective and in many cases early screening has literally saved lives.
A number of problems can begin to occur in our forties that we may not even be aware of.

Some may have profound consequences in the following years. Early recognition and detection is the key to remaining healthy at this stage of life and beyond.

Important areas include:

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Check member practice link member practice link

Be prepared

Contraception is very effective at preventing pregnancy but whichever method you choose, everyone needs to use condoms to prevent against sexually transmitted infections.

On the up

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise. Chlamydia has increased by 20% in the last 5 years, gonorrhoea by 50%. That means there’s a bigger pool of people in the community with an STI – and more chance that you could catch one.The worst of it is that you may not even know you’ve got a STI, because many people don’t have symptoms.

That doesn’t mean STIs aren’t serious.

Chlamydia is New Zealand’s commonest STI and often causes no symptoms. Untreated, it can go on to cause severe pelvic disease and infertility.

Other STIs like genital herpes can’t be cured – once you have it, you have it for life. Others, like Aids and syphilis, can be fatal.

Condoms work

Condoms are an effective way of preventing many STIs. If you’re like most people, you won’t find out about your partner’s sexual past until your relationship’s are underway. That’s too late to stop an STI.

Stay safe. Always use a condom.